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                                Boarding Program

Boarding at our facilities are both horse and owner friendly. We are now accepting boarding applications !

Boarding Programs:

-Field Boarding: $450

-Field & Stall Boarding: $650

If Interested in Boarding and want more info or to set up a visit please  contact Alberto Gamboa : 

240-477-9491  or email : [email protected]

Field Board Online Payment $450

Field and Stall Board Online Payment $650

Hourly Horse Training Session $65

Grooming Session: $35 per session / Package of 4 sessions $ 120 
The grooming service  includes the following: Curry Combing, hard brushing and soft brushing body, soft brushing face , hoof picking, cleaning hoofs and frogs with saline solution, brushing out mane, inspecting sheath in geldings and urethra in mares and  removing beans present.

Grooming individual session  $35

Grooming Package of 4   $120