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Upcoming Clinics 

"Everything You Wanted to Know to Trailer a Horse"

When: TBA 10 am-1pm: 

Trailer your horse effectively and safety. The Clinic will cover trailer maintenance, hitching, safety trailer precautions, supplies needed to trailer for long distances, state/Highway trailer laws, horse loading behavior, and transporting safety, prevention of horse health related issues associated with trailering. Students will have hands on training and will be able to address any questions or concerns they have on trailering a horse.

The clinic is open to students, parents, boarding, friends and family. The clinic is $100 per person. You may register for the clinic by purchasing your spot with the button below. Please email: with proof of purchase to receive reservation confirmation.

Dress Code: Come with barn attire and boots. Dress appropriately for outdoor weather. 

Trailering Clinic Reservation : $150 per person

"Desensitizing Your Horse"

When: January Saturday 26, 2019 10am-1 pm.

 Horses being prey animals are prone to spooking. The Clinic will cover an obstacle course that will teach your horse to calmly go over bridges, go over obstacles, go past/near flapping objects, puddles/water, tarps, loud sounds, mounting from different objects and situations . The clinic is open to students, parents, boarders and friends and family. The clinic is $100 per person. You may bring your own horse or use one of the academy's. Spaces are limited. 

Desensitizing Clinic $150

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